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We source, secure and manage locations all around Queensland, specialising in tropical and outback locations.


Tropical Rainforest, Coral Reef and Cays, Beaches, Waterfalls, Rivers, Swamps, Outback, Farmland, Savannah, Mountains, Heritage, Modern, Industrial


  • Ruins of Love, Feature, Unicorn Productions (Location Manager) Pre-production
  • Exaltation, TV Special, US Production, Location Producer
  • Samsung “Wettest Town in Australia” TVC, Rabbit Content, Location Manager
  • True Stories, TV Series, Radio Karate, Location Manager Queensland
  • Fields of Fire Special Event, Cairns Regional Council, Consultant, Location Manager
  • TVC’s – Scout Work, Nikon Camera, Peter’s Ice-cream, Ford Ranger, Cotton On.
  • Mutiny, TV Series Windfall Films/Channel 4 UK, Location Manager/FNQ Producer
  • The History of the Torres Strait, TV Series, Bunyip Productions, Location Manager
  • I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here, Reality TV, Granada Productions Pty Ltd, LocationConsultant
  • Bonds, Stills Shoot, Title Artist Management, Location Consultant and Scout
  • Discovery Channel, Reality TV Production, Naked Entertainment, Location Manager
  • Coors Light, TVC, Rapid Films, Locations/Logistics/Art Department
  • Thor, Marvel Entertainment, Location Consultant (Pre Production)
  • Wanted – Matchbox Pictures, Queensland Location Manager
  • The Code 2 ABC Television Series – Queensland Location Manager
  • I’m A Celebrity – Get Me Out of Here – Reality TV, Location Consultant, Granada Productions
  • My Life – Television Series, ABC Television, Location Scout – North Queensland
  • Pirates of the Caribbean –  Feature Film, Walt Disney Studios, Location Scout Queensland
  • Survival Live – Reality TV, BBC Worldwide/Discovery Channel, Queensland, Location Manager
  • GBR – Documentary,  Atlantic Productions David Attenborough) Location Consultant
  • Unbroken, Feature Film, Universal Pictures, Queensland Location Manager
  • Outback Steakhouse TVC, Walkabout Films, Location Manager
  • 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Feature Film, Walt Disney Studios, Location Manager Queensland (liaison with government agencies, permit negotiations). Project did not progress.
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